Vision for a new way to address humanity’s big challenges

Humanity is in serious trouble. Although it is well-known since quite some time that our greenhouse gas emissions have disastrous consequences, the problem isn’t being addressed nearly seriously enough. The same is true for many other concerns of social and economic justice and environmental sustainability. (Just about all concerns in the area of environmental protection have aspects that concern social and economic justice.)

From a Christian, Biblical perspective, these issues certainly cannot be dismissed on the grounds that God intends to eventually create a new heaven and a new earth. According to the Bible, before that happens, God will “destroy those who destroy the earth” (Revelation 11:18). Therefore, also from that perspective, there is no excuse for participating in an uncaring mindset and in uncaring actions through which collectively, humanity is well on track towards rendering much of the world uninhabitable.

I sincerely believe that it is not only necessary, but also possible to significantly improve what is currently being done to address these serious global problems, and that Christian faith-based deeper purpose businesses can and will play a central role.

I have quite a few ideas on how this can work, and I think that I’m getting close to being able to put it all together into a coherent vision. But I’m not quite there yet.

Norbert Bollow