Technical work

In today’s world, business is increasingly not only about what humans do, but also about the IT systems which enable, guide or prevent what we want to do.

In the context of developing frameworks with the ultimate goal of empowering us for a new way to address humanity’s big challenges, much attention needs to be paid to technical and privacy aspects of business systems and communication infrastructures.

I’m keeping my technical skills alive and up-to-date by providing, to a limited number of clients in that area, technical consulting services in regard to Internet-based frameworks and solutions for communication needs, using FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) software solutions on GNU/Linux based servers.

Norbert Bollow

Restrictions: My availability for work of this kind of work is quite limited, since I want coaching to be my main activity. Furthermore, I will decline engagements if the concerned business or project is in my view harmful from a social justice perspective, or if I'm already working with a direct competitor.

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