Most of my clients own and operate their own small business. In that context, coaching is not only about human aspects, but it is also systemic, in the sense that it is also about transforming and developing the business system around you. As a business owner, you have the authority and every right to ensure that your company’s business systems are not only profitable, but that they also support you in exercising your personal strengths, while taking burdens off your shoulders. (Making business as effortless as possible generally also happens to increase your profits as a side effect.)

I consider it important to also look at the bigger picture: Currently most businesses are operating in such ways that very significant parts of the earth are thereby slowly rendered uninhabitable for humans, while great damage is also done to the natural ecosystems of plants, fungi and animals.

Norbert Bollow

I use the concept of frameworks to describe the underlying problem and work towards solutions: The mental, socioeconomic and legal frameworks which determine how most businesses operate today are simply inadequate in view of our responsibility that we must leave an abidable world to our grandchildren and to the generations following them.

Therefore we must develop a different set of frameworks, consisting both of general principles and standards, as well as guidance for adapting them to concrete business situations.

Restrictions: I will decline coaching engagements if the concerned business or project is in my view harmful from a social justice perspective, or if I'm already coaching a direct competitor.

Coaching language: German or English.

Physical location: Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland.

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