Norbert Bollow

Business Coach specializing in working with owners of small businesses for whom business is not only about money and profits, but who in addition also pursue a deeper purpose through their business.

My core coaching programs are:

  • The Christian business owner's shift from procrastination to unstoppable momentum.
  • Coaching you through one Inspiration-Analysis-Goalsetting-Planning-Implementation-Celebration Cycle in your business.

Most of my clients have a Christian faith-based perspective and they want to think about their business, and work on developing it, in ways that they see as healthy on the basis of such a faith-based perspective.

Norbert Bollow
I’m a Certified Narrative Coach Practitioner, which means that I’m trained in making coaching very safe and very transformative.

My clients find their coaching experience to be as safe as sitting on a park bench, taking a break from all the hustle and from all the pressure.

At the same time, this coaching experience is deeply transformative at the very human level, by transforming your inner stories, so that those aspects which have been obstacles are transformed into sources of personal strength.

Most of my clients own and operate their own small business. In that context, coaching is not only about human aspects, but it is also systemic, in the sense that it is also about transforming and developing the business system around you. As a business owner, you have the authority and every right to ensure that your company’s business systems are not only profitable, but that they also support you in exercising your personal strengths, while taking burdens off your shoulders. (Making business as effortless as possible generally also happens to increase your profits as a side effect.)

While I'm generally open to coaching on any topic that may come up (I enjoy variety), I only accept coaching engagements in the context of businesses which have a deeper purpose, or in the context of considering or planning to start such a business.

Here's a brief explanation:

Some people are in business only for the sake of money, and with a goal of earning as much money as possible. Such businesses don't have a deeper purpose. By contrast, there are also many business owners who would never be satisfied with a business that is only about money. They have a deeper purpose, and it can be very empowering to explore in some depth what your deeper purpose is, and also to explore what you can do to align your business more fruitfully with your deeper purpose.

For Christian business owners, business typically is not only about profits, but it also has a deeper purpose which is deeply intertwined with the owner’s spiritual aliveness and faith perspective.

Much of the easily-available advice on business development and marketing is based on the assumption that business owners are primarily motivated by love of money. Some of that advice is nevertheless also applicable when your business has a deeper purpose. On the other hand, there is also much advice which in effect tells you to act contrary to your values and/or contrary to your deeper purpose. If your business has a deeper purpose, you will certainly want to work with a business coach who doesn't only have general knowledge about the various themes of business development, but who in addition has good methods for supporting you as you work on integrating your business activities with the deeper purpose!

Coaching is a conversation with your coach which empowers you in relation to whatever challenges you are currently facing. This is based on a number of well-proven methodologies. For example, the narrative coaching methodology is based on looking at stories which are part of your life in such a way that you become empowered to transform them intentionally.

I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and I’m committed to the ICF Code of Ethics.

Restrictions: I will decline coaching engagements if the concerned business or project is in my view harmful from a social justice perspective, or if I'm already coaching a direct competitor.

Coaching language: German or English.

Physical location: Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland.

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